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MobileWitch YouTube Downloader

MobileWitch YouTube Downloader is a multiple-sourced download manager packed with convenient
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2 December 2015

Editor's review

If you had been seeking for an adept video download manager, then your search would surely end up after trying MobileWitch YouTube Downloader. It’s a fantastic download manager that focuses over user-friendliness along with wide compatibility with different download sources. The best part of the utility is that it aids you in downloading videos from famous video-sharing websites such as Google Videos, YouTube, MetaCafe, Megaupload, and even more. It even allows you to set download priorities and provides various options configuring main program settings. The utility aids downloading videos with smoothly and with good speed as it can also manage your network traffic. For setting a download task, you just have to enter the video URL and the utility would begin downloading the file automatically. Even, it enables downloading forum attachments using the integrated adapter for Vbulletin discussion board.

MobileWitch YouTube Downloader 1.1.0 offers its users with a simple console with easily-operated options for setting a download task. For adding a video downloading task, you have to copy the link of your favorite video which automatically is detected by the program from the clipboard. Now, you can define further settings provided such as download directory, filename, download type, along with http, ftp, proxy, and other settings. Then, hit OK and the task is added with the program and displayed over the upper section on the screen. The lower section shows the details of each highlighted downloaded that includes time and message received while establishing connection and downloading the streaming video. Even, the utility supports carrying out multiple download tasks set from several download sources simultaneously, thus saving a lot of your time. Moreover, it provides in-built URL crawler; support downloading audios; ability to pause/resume downloads; and filters to sort downloads by download status, time period, and file type.

With the MobileWitch YouTube Downloader application you can download all your favorite video from several video-sharing websites, simultaneously. For the negotiable feature-range imparted and the optimum performance delivered by the program, it has deservingly been given 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

MobileWitch YouTube Downloader is an all-in-one download manager focused on user-friendliness, and wide compatibility in terms of download sources. It provides download support for popular video-sharing sites like YouTube, Google Videos, MetaCafe and more. The software provides excellent assistance to your network traffic management, ensures download prioritization and offers great options when it comes to main settings configuration. Whether novice in this sort of programs or regular download-junkie, MobileWitch YouTube Downloader offers best usability and performance through both its proficient architecture and modern interface. The software eats up little resources from your system but enables fast, easy and secure downloads from most popular video-sharing sites such as, YouTube, Google, Megaupload, RapidShare, MetaCafe, Doujin Style. All you have to do is enter the URL links for your favorite videos and the program downloads them automatically onto your computer. Additionally, there's a Vbulletin discussion board adapter that allows you to download forum attachments from the threads that involve authorization. A good example of how user-friendly this download manger is lies in the fact that it pastes the URLs in your clipboard itself. Your only job remaining is to hit the OK button and the download starts instantly. Main features available in MobileWitch YouTube Downloader: - Attractive, easy-to-work with interface; - Supports multiple simultaneous download; - Supports multiple download sources; - Comes with a built-in URL crawler; - Detailed download information; - Offers the possibility to pause and resume downloads; - Includes filter by Time period, Download status and File type
MobileWitch YouTube Downloader
MobileWitch YouTube Downloader
Version 3.9
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The perfect tool for every Youtube fan. You can save all your favorite videos on your PC and watch them anytime you want...
I like it `cause it`s very simple. Works without a hitch.Good job!
Works perferct on my machine. I have the impression it also boosts up my down speed. Too bad they did not include a player. The rest is fin, thanks!
Love at first sight. Simple, easy to use yet it comes with powerful features. Very handy for YouTube fans. I think it also speeds up my downloads. Cheer and highly recommend it!
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